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North Tillydaff is a unique plant centre, growing trees and plants without synthetic chemicals, and is officially in conversion to organic status from 2005.

“Tillydaff Trees and Plants to Treasure” grows and supplies native trees, native wildflowers, ornamental flowering plants, and – with our sister company “Vital Veg” – vegetable starter plants, for distribution both locally and nationally.

Our pot-grown trees and shrubs are raised using “Air-pots”, which means that the plants form significantly better root systems than in conventional pots, giving our trees the best possible start in life.

The company is run by two expert growers of plants – Dr Wendy Seel and Dr Anne Taylor – both of whom are passionate about plants, and have many years of experience in researching what makes them ‘tick’!


We grow Trees, Plants and Vegetables for You to Treasure!

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